Forensic Evaluations

Immigration Hardship Evaluations

The purpose of this evaluation is to help immigration attorneys establish when the psychological health of a U.S. citizen may be under threat of serious psychological jeopardy if that person is separated from a loved one who is in danger of being deported.

Child Custody and Visitation Evaluations

The purpose of this evaluation is to help determine what course of action is in the best psychological interest of the child. In these cases, the child’s welfare is paramount. The child custody evaluation focuses upon parenting attributes, the child’s psychological needs, and the resulting fit.

Personal Injury Evaluations

These assessments seek to evaluate the extent of emotional damage deriving from personal injury.

Evaluations of Competency to Stand Trial

Competency to stand trial is a concept of jurisprudence allowing the postponement of criminal proceedings for those defendants who are considered unable to participate in their defense due to mental or physical disorders or defects.

Other Forensic Evaluations

Other Forensic Evaluations are preformed in our clinic due to sexual or racial harassment, and sexual abuse (including those suffered in psychotherapy).